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The Journey

By having a crew that knows every corner, from beach bars to deserted islands, you’re sure to have an unforgettable, unique and personalized itinerary – right in your ideal paradise! Here are some of our favorite stops…

Highbourne Cay

Experience a privately owned tropical paradise where nature thrives untouched, and adventure awaits at every turn. From secluded beaches to the best beach bar in The Bahamas, Highbourne Cay has it all!

Normans Cay

Norman's Cay is known not only for its untouched beauty, but also its intriguing past. It is home to a relic from its darker days in the late 20th century - an underwater drug plane wreck.

Shroud Cay

This untouched sanctuary, preserved by the Bahamas National Trust, offers visitors an incredible kayaking journey through a network of waterways lined with rich green mangroves.

Compass Cay – Rachels Bubble Bath

Rachel's Bubble Bath on Compass Cay is a unique, must-visit natural spa in the heart of the Exumas. Nestled on the north end of the island, this secluded lagoon is filled with sea water that froths into a bubbly bath when the tide rolls in, providing a playful, relaxing experience. Surrounded by striking rock formations and the calming sounds of the ocean, Rachel's Bubble Bath is the epitome of nature's luxury, offering an unforgettable blend of relaxation and adventure.

Compass Cay – Swimming with Sharks

Compass Cay is renowned for its unique experience of swimming with nurse sharks in the marina. This stunning island offers the thrill of close encounters with these friendly creatures amidst the backdrop of breathtakingly clear turquoise waters and beautiful sandy beaches.

Staniel Cay

Renowned for its close proximity to the famous Thunderball Grotto and swimming pigs, Staniel Cay is your gateway to unforgettable adventures.


Adventure and thrills are around every turn of the expansive grounds, including a 141-acre water park, 14 unique pools, 5 miles of white sand beaches, and countless one-of-a-kind experiences across land and sea.

Time to level up your next Vacation.

Experience a privately owned luxury yacht in the Bahamas, exceptionally staffed and available for you to experience as your own.

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So What’s All
the Hype About?

Your ocean adventure begins here.

Are you ready to navigate and explore the brilliance of your senses? Feel the energy of islands, people, and the ocean in a way you have never experienced before? With satiating cuisine and libations, adventurous water toys and all the creature comforts you desire… The magic of these Islands will revitalize you mentally, emotionally, and physically and the memory of it is sure to captivate you for a lifetime.

We offer one of the finest yachts and staff so that you can indulge in a truly unique and unforgettable experience. Ready to discover more?

Paradise Awaits

The Exumas region of The Bahamas is unmatched in its beauty.  Experiencing it from a private yacht provides you with memories you will never forget.

Paradise is just a click away.

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Whatever Floats
Your Boat.

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Only The Best

We have mindfully selected the finest yachts, locations, and crew to deliver a unique experience sailing the Virgin Islands like never before. Don’t see one to fit your needs? Message us! We would be happy to send you the best options for ones that will.

Mariah Princess III
View Yacht Reserve Now
Mariah Princess III
View Yacht Reserve Now
Mariah Princess III
View Yacht Reserve Now
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