Shroud Cay

Shroud Cay

Begin your adventure in the stunning Shroud Cay, known for its unspoiled beaches and crystal clear waters. This uninhabited island offers the perfect opportunity for a peaceful swim or hike through its lush vegetation.

In the evening, relax on the yacht and enjoy a delicious dinner prepared by your private chef.

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“Shroud Cay, located in the enchanting Exumas archipelago, is a natural wonderland known for its thriving mangrove river. This untouched sanctuary, preserved by the Bahamas National Trust, offers visitors an incredible kayaking journey through a network of waterways lined with rich green mangroves. As you navigate through this calm, clear river, experience the unique ecosystem up close, teeming with a variety of marine life. Shroud Cay is truly a paradise for nature lovers and adventure seekers alike.”

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