Why All-Inclusive Sailing Charters Should be at the Top of Your Vacation Bucket List

As a former full-time crew member on-board luxury sailing catamarans, I receive questions daily about what exactly it is we offer, and what guests should expect. Consider this a quick-guide to understanding what it is you are getting when booking one of these unique, incredible trips.

But Isn’t it Expensive?

Chartering your own private Sailing Catamaran is more affordable than you are led to believe. They are rapidly becoming more and more popular every year, and for many reasons. When its all said and done, once you were to book a luxury hotel, purchase all of your own food, alcohol, taxis, excursions, restaurants, rental cars, tours, you name it, all-Inclusive Sailing Vacations don’t seem so pricy after all, and with none of the busy work! All of the things listed above are included, and your crew will handle the busy work. The hardest decision you would have to make for the day is what kind of activities/spots you wanted to go, or what cocktail you’d like the crew to make you. Your crew and boat sail you there with ease with the logistics already taken care of.

I’m Not Much of a Sailor…

Not much of a sailor? No problem. These trips can be as much or as little sailing as your heart desires. In the past, it was common to see older monohulls, or single hulled sailboats being most frequently chartered out. Complaints would be of rocky sleep and limited mobility. These days, however, multi-hulled catamarans have taken the charter industry by storm and it is clear as to why. Catamarans offer much more stability, and provide ample amounts of living spaces in both the hulls, the salon/galley/fore and aft decks. They are also well equipped with lots of features, from full-cabin Air Conditioning, 110v power plugs, TV, Ice makers, plenty of open lounging areas, electric heads (toilets), etc. You also will enjoy memory foam mattresses, fresh towels, all linens, water toys, paddle boards, snorkel gear, fishing equipment, covered customs fees and fuel expenses.
“Think of it as a modern style, spacious luxury hotel on the water.”

The Sailing Grounds

Sailing around the U.S. and British Virgin Islands is unique because the islands are anywhere from 15 minutes-2.5 hours apart. This means, if desired, your crew may take you to 3 or even 4 different islands in one day! Most of our guests will fly into St. Thomas, USVI, where we meet them on the dock to embark on our journey into the BVI. The crew take care of all customs paperwork and checking-in so you can just sit back and relax on board your yacht while your passport gets stamped. You are now cleared into the British Virgin Islands where even more exploring begins.

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